Curitiba’s Bus System

Curitiba became very famous because it’s grate urban planning and transportation system. Nowdays, the city is world reference model of urban planning and transportation system. 

For more information and learning about it you can read the article “Curitiba’s Bus System is Model for Rapid Transport” published in the magazine “Race, Poverty & The Enviroment” written by Joseph Goodman, Melissa Laube and Judith Schwenk. You can also watch a video made by the Curitiba Cityhall and the trailer of the documentary “A Convenient Truth: Urban solutions from Curitiba, Brazil”.

Curitiba's Bus System

Curitiba's Bus System

Also, check out the tour “Curitiba like locals: Urban Planing”, a  private tour where you can get the chance to see how locals use the great Curitibas’s public transportation system  and also get more information about how Curitiba developed it in the last decades. Well recomended!


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4 responses to “Curitiba’s Bus System

  1. John Rocks

    Muito interessante este seu blog… realmente uma fonte de informações precisas e úteis deste destino maravilhoso!
    Estou ansioso para conhece-lo.
    É sempre bom ter bons contatos antes de viajar ao meu ver.
    continuem fazendo esse otimo trabalho…


    John Rocks

  2. Nossa gostei muito, é sempre bom saber que temos um ótimo parceiro como vocês, vendendo este destino maravilhoso.
    Ótimo trabalho.

    Tito Nazaré

  3. Ever since I have viewed “A Convenient Truth” in my college class, Curitiba is now on my list of cities I just have to see! Amazing solutions to the urban crisis.

  4. John

    I think that they really do think with a Nature-to-nature and that they really understand the saying, “There’s no point fighting fire with fire,” To me, it just seems like they’re people that really DO care and people that seem so positive and polite and really concerned with issues that are serious. I think other countries should bring down they’re haughtiness or whatever it is and try to use this system the Curitiba has.

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